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Carpet Bowls

Just some of the equipment used by the Bowlers

Carpet Bowls

Carpet Bowls is held in the recreation room every Thursday afternoon. We bowl from 1.00 PM to 2.45 PM. However, Bowlers gather at around about 12.45 to participate in the draw for teams for the afternoon’s games. We bowl the last bowl at 2.45 to allow time to roll up the mats and clean up before shed closes at 3.00. With two mats and the number of bowls we have, we could have up to sixteen bowlers at any one time. However, the average is four to eight bowlers each afternoon.


The current group is from 91 years young to 61 years young so you can see Age is not a problem. Although carpet bowling is based on the techniques of lawn bowls, we have some participants who have adapted their techniques to suit various disabilities to allow active bowling.


Challenges in life never stop and like any sport or activity you find you will want improvement and bowls can be frustrating and rewarding in this respect. Although games are scored and thus competitive, at the end of the day, we all shake hands [pre COVID-19] and thank each other for a good game. As one of our members keeps reminding us, “we are not playing to win sheep stations

Previous experience is not necessary. I am testament to that. There are many experienced lawn bowlers in the group who offer continual words of advice to the new players to help improvement.


Queensland Association Official Rules are our guide for the conduct of the game. No cost is incurred because we have all the necessary equipment. However, given the amount of coffee and biscuits consumed during the afternoon, participants do well for their shed entry fee. So, should you be looking for a challenge amongst likeminded men, do come and join us on Thursday afternoons. You just have to roll up by 12.45.


Jim Wiseman

Carpet Bowls Group Leader

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