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An example of one of the many cartoons a member has drawn.


The cartooning group is small but solid, and always welcomes expansion by others who would like to have a go. The art of cartooning covers a wide gambit of factors, all of which go to assisting the mind ticking over. The cartooning group is a chatty, friendly environment where different ideas and world-views can flourish.


I try to assist in their capture on paper by lending my cartooning skills. It is done against the background that each person's effort is valued, no matter where his drawing skills may be at. We try to enhance what is, and to break through entrenched drawing barriers into a wide wonderful world where what is desired to be expressed on paper, can be achieved. This can be a most fulfilling personal experience.


You may surprise yourself! Remember also, no one is turned away because they might believe that their skill-set is not up the mark. Perish the thought. Ours is an inclusive group of men, and as their tutor/instructor, I would welcome you. We have pencils, pens, rubbers and paper, and friendship. As for you, just bring your smiles and willingness to give it a go - you never know there may be a quite match-up. 


Kevin Lindeberg

Cartooning Tutor

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