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An example of the work done by one of our members


T he Art group started 3rd March 2015. It was going to be a course lasting 3 months. That never happened. By popular demand, we are still going as strong as ever, with new members starting regularly. Painting has become the catalyst for the comradeship that has developed within the group. Some men have found talent they never knew existed, others just kept getting better and still others are learning how interesting painting can be.

We welcome men who have never painted before, but think they would like to give it a go. Tutoring is available (no cost). Painting turns into a great hobby. You can paint just about anywhere, anytime, day or night. Any medium is accepted. eg oil paint, acrylic, watercolour, pencil, coloured pencil, pastel and gouache. It is a very gregarious and happy group which meets Friday mornings. 9am - 12noon. Covid permitting. 


Alan Carter 

Group Leader

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