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Small Engines

Just some of the equipment used by the small engines group.

Small Engines

I t still amazes me after some 48 years in the automotive trade that a machined chunk of metal (engine) add on a fuel air mixer (carburettor) then means of igniting this (magneto/spark plug)..crank it up and it runs or it does not…so we go into fault finding mode. The result is that it runs or it is discarded as spare parts. This is what happens in a small engine session.


We have been running since 2017. The group consists of dedicated men who don’t mind getting their hands dirty. They laugh a lot so someone must have told a joke. We work with safety always foremost in our mind. Small Motors happens on Friday mornings 8am to 12 noon.


The course includes. • Workshop safe work practices. • Types of tools sizes and their use. • 4 stroke engine parts and operation. • 2 stroke parts and operation. You can bring your engine/mower/trimmer along and work on it under supervision. No diesel engines or ride on mowers as we do not have the room.


We do have to impose a group size limit to suit the availability of benches and space. Come along sometime and have a chat if you are interested. Nice to see our new area is finished. 


Ron Frazer

Small Engines Group Leader

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