To Provide a facility when men of all ages can feel comfortable and gather together to spend time socially, as well as, in a practical manner by participating in constructive endeavours that develop self esteem.


The general aims of our men's shed are to:

  1. Enjoy each other's company
  2. Assist men of all ages and background though mateship, mentoring and support
  3. Provide practical activities in a safe environment
  4. Gain the help of health and wellbeing professionals when required
  5. Provide instruction and skill training for senior men
  6. Provide intergenerational learning and mentoring
  7. Focus on men's health and wellbeing, encouraging and assisting users to gain access to relevant services and information available to them within the community
  8. Address the issues of isolation, loneliness and depression which are faced by many men when they cease full-time employement or are looking for work by providing them with a space, tools and support
  9. Provide a place for men - especially those who have retired or are unemployed - to socialise, use their skills (such as woodwork), learn new skills and mentor each other and younger members of the community