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Just some of the equipment used in intermediate woodwork

Intermediate Woodwork

Intermediate woodwork (Wednesdays 8am-12 noon) follows on from the introduction and introduces the member to the safe usage of most of the heavy woodworking machines. In this course members will be given raw timber and the plans for a finished box. Members will be shown how to take the raw boards and dress them to the required dimensions using the jointer and thicknesser.
With the table saw and compound sliding mitre saw, the members will reduce the dimensioned timber to the correct sizes for the box.
The scroll saw will be used to decorate the faces of the box and the table mounted router will be used, in conjunction with the Gifkins dovetail jig, to join the corners of the box and to shape and fit the base and top.
The belt, spindle and disk sanding machines are used to finish the pieces. This knowledge then allows members to participate in projects that have been requested of the shed and ultimately to undertake projects of their own.
Lloyd Akeroyd
Woodwork Facilitator


 Lloyd Akeroyd

Woodwork Facilitator

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